Pomegranate Tree

Pomegranate Tree
Product Description
We are the reliable manufacturer and supplier of Pomegranate Tree is a super seedy fruit with thick skin. It has rich red tint which is presently considered as a organic product by agriculture scientists. The offered tree flourishes with alkaline, calcareous and on deep acidic loam and a wide variety of soils in between these degrees. In northern India, it is unconstrained on rock-strewn gravel. This species is primarily grown in mild temperate to subtropical and actually adjusted to regions with cool winters and hot summers and can be grown in all tropical and sub tropical regions. The pomegranate is both self-pollinated and cross-pollinated by insects. The Pomegranate Tree also known as Punica granatum, is an organic product bearing deciduous bush or little tree in the family Lythraceae. 
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